Lord of the Rings: Online
/LOC Data Manipulation Tools

The purpose of this page is to provide LotR:O players with some tools they can use to
interpret and utilize the data that emerges when the "/loc" command is entered in-game.

The sets of coordinates generated by the scripts on these pages are my own interpretation
and have not been confirmed by Turbine.

The following are links to tools that will allow users to manipulate "/loc" data.  The first tool
will convert a line of developer data into a useable set of coordinates. The second tool allows
users to enter two lines of developer data and will calculate the distance between them.
The third tool doesn't actually exist but is intended to convert a log file with /loc data present
into a text file with corresponding X, Y and Z coordinates.

Tool 1 - Converter Page
Tool 2 - Distance Calculator Page
Tool 3 - Non working file converter page

I also intend to copy my forums post onto this page just for reference purposes.  However,
I'm going to wait till the post is cleared by Turbine before putting it up here.