Lord of the Rings: Online
Unofficial /LOC Data Converter

If you've ever typed "/loc [enter]" while playing LotR:O you may already be familiar
with the stream of data that comes pouring out.  This web page offers one method
of interpretation for this data and can convert a string of /loc data into a set of useable

NOTE: This is only my interpretation and has neither been confirmed nor denied
by any game developers.

Paste /LOC data into the text box and click "Convert" to convert it to coordinates
lx:     ly:     ox:     oy:     oz:
 r:       i:       h:     cInside:
Player Coordinates:
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Temporary Zone: This will be deleted when the project goes live.

In the mean time - Here are some random /loc samples in case you don't have
any on-hand to experiment with.

NOTE: I've included ";loc" data with player coordinates for comparison

You say, 'Eriador: Thorin's Gate: 15.2S, 103.2W'
You are at: r1 lx435 ly1091 ox79.81 oy79.21 oz614.23 h358.6

You say, 'Eriador: Celondim: 28.0S, 92.4W'
You are at: r1 lx544 ly963 ox7.86 oy70.42 oz341.70 h160.3

You say, 'Eriador: Michel Delving: 34.0S, 75.0W'
You are at: r1 lx717 ly904 ox117.99 oy0.08 oz394.92 h164.5

You say, 'Eriador: The Party Tree: 29.9S, 71.4W'
You are at: r1 lx753 ly945 ox37.18 oy26.58 oz369.01 h295.3

You say, 'Eriador: West Gate: 29.6S, 53.0W'
You are at: r1 lx938 ly948 ox49.86 oy84.14 oz388.40 h90.0

You say, 'Eriador: Ost Guruth: 31.7S, 29.5W'
You are at: r1 lx1172 ly927 ox97.95 oy141.62 oz429.97

You say, 'Eriador: Esteldín: 9.6S, 42.2W'
You are at: r1 lx1046 ly1147 ox129.00 oy75.72 oz417.78 h90.0

You say, 'Eriador: Tinnudir: 12.5S, 67.3W'
You are at: r1 lx795 ly1119 ox61.15 oy141.26 oz341.07 h209.5

You say, 'Eriador: Rivendell Valley: 30.5S, 4.6W'
You are at: r1 lx1422 ly939 ox123.28 oy60.77 oz377.02 h60.5

You say, 'Eriador: Himbar: 10.4N, 24.1W'
You are at: r1 lx1227 ly1348 ox63.38 oy86.14 oz492.71 h240.5

You say, 'Eriador: Thrór's Coomb: 69.4S, 13.7W' [Harndirion]
You are at: r1 lx1330 ly550 ox55.15 oy126.98 oz656.25 h212.3

You say, 'Thorin's Hall - The Great Hall' [just inside door]
You are at: r1 lx1944 ly2000 cInside ox-5.15 oy-30.38 oz-191.71

You say, 'Eriador: Thorin's Gates: 13.8S, 103.2W' [just outside door]
You are at: r1 lx435 ly1106 ox77.42 oy47.32 oz654.30 h180.0