Lord of the Rings: Online
/LOC Distance Calculator

The script on this page uses the same algorithm as the Converter page to generate two sets of
X, Y coordinates from two lines of "/loc" data.  It then applies the Pythagorean theorem to
deliver the distance between the two sets of coordinates.  How does the calculated distance
compare to the distance given by the game?  You be the judge!

Paste /LOC data into both text boxes and click "Calculate" to find the distance between them.

X1:     Y2:         X2:     Y2:

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Temporary Zone: This will be deleted when the project goes live.

In the mean time - Here are some random /loc samples in case you don't have
any on-hand to experiment with.

NOTE: I've included ";loc" data with player coordinates for comparison

You say, 'Eriador: Thorin's Gate: 15.2S, 103.2W'
You are at: r1 lx435 ly1091 ox79.81 oy79.21 oz614.23 h358.6

You say, 'Eriador: Celondim: 28.0S, 92.4W'
You are at: r1 lx544 ly963 ox7.86 oy70.42 oz341.70 h160.3

You say, 'Eriador: Michel Delving: 34.0S, 75.0W'
You are at: r1 lx717 ly904 ox117.99 oy0.08 oz394.92 h164.5

You say, 'Eriador: The Party Tree: 29.9S, 71.4W'
You are at: r1 lx753 ly945 ox37.18 oy26.58 oz369.01 h295.3

You say, 'Eriador: West Gate: 29.6S, 53.0W'
You are at: r1 lx938 ly948 ox49.86 oy84.14 oz388.40 h90.0

You say, 'Eriador: Ost Guruth: 31.7S, 29.5W'
You are at: r1 lx1172 ly927 ox97.95 oy141.62 oz429.97

You say, 'Eriador: Esteldín: 9.6S, 42.2W'
You are at: r1 lx1046 ly1147 ox129.00 oy75.72 oz417.78 h90.0

You say, 'Eriador: Tinnudir: 12.5S, 67.3W'
You are at: r1 lx795 ly1119 ox61.15 oy141.26 oz341.07 h209.5

You say, 'Eriador: Rivendell Valley: 30.5S, 4.6W'
You are at: r1 lx1422 ly939 ox123.28 oy60.77 oz377.02 h60.5

You say, 'Eriador: Himbar: 10.4N, 24.1W'
You are at: r1 lx1227 ly1348 ox63.38 oy86.14 oz492.71 h240.5

You say, 'Eriador: Thrór's Coomb: 69.4S, 13.7W' [Harndirion]
You are at: r1 lx1330 ly550 ox55.15 oy126.98 oz656.25 h212.3

You say, 'Thorin's Hall - The Great Hall' [just inside door]
You are at: r1 lx1944 ly2000 cInside ox-5.15 oy-30.38 oz-191.71

You say, 'Eriador: Thorin's Gates: 13.8S, 103.2W' [just outside door]
You are at: r1 lx435 ly1106 ox77.42 oy47.32 oz654.30 h180.0